Name :    Tarra Hosmer

E-mail :

Adult:     33 years old

Location:  Glasgow, Missouri

Area(s) affected:  Femur

Personal History:

My name is Tarra Hosmer and I am a 33 year old living in Glasgow, Mo.  I was first "diagnosed" about 14 years ago when leaving the military. I had multiple x-rays to diagnose pain in my legs.   The film of my femur bones showed a melting candle wax feature. The doctor who showed it to me said "oh, you have melo." When I asked what that was, he showed me and said it was nothing.  I have been dealing with chronic pain in my legs and could not remember the name of the disease to ask my current doc if that could be a cause.  Thanks for having a web site so that I can educate myself as well as her.


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