Name : Theresa Fisher

Adult:  35 years old

City, State:  Hot Springs, Arkansas

Areas of body affected:  right forearm

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Personal History:

 I had gone to a hospital in Denver to be treated for asthma.  Since I had been complaining of right hip pain, the doctor ordered a bone density test and a bone scan. The bone density was fine but when I had the bone scan the tech asked me when I broke my arm.  I told him I had never broken my arm. He said, "Yes you have."  So when I came home I went to see my orthopedist, who took another x-ray and then ordered a CT scan of my right forearm. The results from that said that I had indeed broken my arm and that it had been broken for a couple of months. He told me it was a stress fracture, probably from the prednisone I had been on because of my asthma. A few weeks later my arm was still hurting so badly that I could not use it or leave it unsupported for more than a couple of minutes without it hurting so badly it would bring tears to my eyes.  The doctor then decided to send me to an Orthopedic Oncologist at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  He ordered yet another x-ray and when the radiologist read the film he said that he would suggest a bone scan because I have an unusual enlargement of the ulna. The doctor at the Medical Center said that his diagnosis for me was Melorheostosis.  I came back home and told my orthopedist and he said, " I sure am glad I sent you to the medical center, you will probably be the only case of Melorheostosis that I will see in my career." So now I get to look forward to living with this wonderful illness for the rest of my life and just pray that my arm heals soon.  I was told that the fracture would probably take another 2 or 3 months to heal.

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