Name :     William (Bill) Beale

E-mail :

Adult:    63 years old

Location:  Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Area’s of body affected: Right Thigh (right femur), second toe left foot, and third toe right foot.

Personal History:

Pain in lower back and legs when standing for long periods on a hard surface. In 2007, suffered pain in right thigh, thought that I must have knocked leg on some object but no bruising and the pain was deep seated and would not go away. Went to my doctor who ordered plain x-rays and bone scan from which he diagnosed melorheostosis. Referred to Orthopaedic Specialist for confirmation and possible treatment. Following further x-rays and visits I was left with the following summary:
1. Confirmed that thigh and toes are in the same condition.

2. Confirmed that there is no cancer present

3. The specialist tried to blame the pain on other sources while agreeing that it could be melorheostosis did not want to confirm or deny that it was melorheostosis.

4. To be monitored by my Doctor with pain medication to reduce pain and assist with sleep.

At the present time, November 2009, the pain is increasing and mobility is slightly affected.  I will be reviewing the situation with my doctor.

This website and the Melorheostosis Association need to be thanked for the information that they have provided as it is so helpful for people like myself.

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