Name:  Yuriy Golubok


Age:  42 years old

City, State:  Berwyn, Illinois

Areas of body affected:  Right arm and wrist

Personal History:

Have this problem since 1978 until this day.  Had 9 surgeries done at University of Illinois in Chicago. No real treatment until this day.  Surgeon's name is Dr. Boonmee who operated on me and there is still no solution for this problem.

Added information:   All of nine surgeries were to remove that so called wax that is growing on the bone, to clean the bone from it and to release the nerves and vessels that were being blocked.  During one of those operations he touched the nerve and there is numbness in the pinky finger.  Probably going to have other surgery because it all growing back and more pain occurs.  It all started in my last years of high school, my classmates were making fun of crocked pinky finger, but at that time I didn't suspect anything. As the years went on it started to cause pain and when to the doctors in Ukraine, this is where I am from, the only solution they gave me is to cut the arm off, because nobody knew what it is.  Dr. Boonmee actually established the diagnosis, but when I when to Germany he took the sample and to determine if it was cancer--it wasn't.  Then they gave me some description for disease.  

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