Name :    Ashley Ferguson

E-mail :

Adult:      28 years old

Location:  Barrie, ON Canada

Area(s) affected:  Left index finger

Personal History:

I have been just diagnosed with Melorheostosis after 2 years of doctors and specialists. It started with a volleyball injury

almost 3 years ago on my wrist that found the bright spot on a bone scan. I had a full body bone scan after

that and many x-rays on my hand.   I had an MRI as well. Unsure what the treatment is going to be so far

but I know that the finger pain comes and goes, where sometimes it doesn't hurt at all unless I press on it, and other times it

hurts a lot and I can't do anything to stop the pain. My tendon feels tense and creaky when the pain is most intense. My finger is

becoming bigger over time. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Naproxen have not worked to help the pain.

Current status - waiting for treatment and hoping for more education on this.

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