Name: Brad Tharp
Adult:  36 years old
Location: Manning, SC
Area(s) of body affected: Right fingers, hand, arm (further testing to see if other places)
Personal History:  

I have had a "large knuckle" on my first finger for many years and all I have ever been told is that it is "cosmetic" and probably due to calcium build up.  Recently I started having pain in my wrist and forearm so my primary doctor did an x-ray to see what was going on.  The Radiologist sent back the report stating I have Melorheostosis in my finger.  My primary sent me to a hand ortho doctor to confirm this.  This doctor took a look at the x-ray and said, not only was it in my finger, it was also up my arm.  Thus, the pain in my wrist and arm.  But the x-ray only goes half way up my forearm so we need to confirm how far up the arm it goes. (I am also having pain in my shoulder, do not know if this is related or not) Unfortunately, he didn't know too much about the condition so he wants me to see another doctor who knows more about this.  The bad thing is, there doesn't seem to be another doctor in the area who knows a lot about it so know I am in the search for a doctor who does.  He did say he wants me to have a full body x-ray to see if it is in any other part of my body.    We will see.....

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