Name :    Carl Tomlinson

E-mail :

Adult:   48 years old  

Location:  Clarksville, TN 

Area(s) of body affected: Left 8th rib in back

Personal History:  

Lump on left 8th rib grew from nothing to size of a head of cauliflower very rapidly. It was a tiny spot on a chest x-ray one month and I noticed a huge lump  on my back next while taking a shower a few months later.

Biopsy showed no cancer. The entire tumor board at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN got together and made the diagnosis of melorheostosis.  The surgeon declined to perform any type of surgery to correct the problem. The lump is pressing inward on the left lung and displacing the adjacent ribs and pulling them out of their connective tissues at the chest and spine causing pain 80% of the time. Sleep is interrupted by the pain.



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