Name:  Chad Bratt


Adult: 24 years old
City and state: Denver, CO
Area(s) of body affected: Right leg (knee to foot)
Personal History:  I was diagnosed with Melo yesterday (3-18-2010).  I had previously been diagnosed in 2007 with it by a doctor in Glenwood Springs, CO when I had some pains in my right knee followed by limited movement (snowboarding injury, showed cartilage damage in the x-ray and MRI).  They picked the Melo up off of the x-ray and recommended me to an orthopedic surgeon in Denver.  I met the doctor in Denver and almost immediately said there was no way I had Melo.  So feeling a little better about the situation I returned to Glenwood.  I followed up with the same Glenwood doctor a few months after that for ankle pains (also a sports injury)  x-rays were taken but focused closely on the foot and ankle so the leg bone wasn't shown.  After a few years I moved to Denver and found that it had become more and more painful to walk on my ankle, so I went back to the same office in Denver that met with me about Melo (but this time a different doctor).  He took x-rays and immediately said Melo.  A week later I had an MRI, which was reviewed by 5 doctors and a radiologist, all confirmed Melo.

I would like to get some response from some local people effected by Melo and get some recommendations of doctors or specialists that they are dealing with or have dealt with.  That's where my search is focused right now.  When I find a doctor with the proper experience I would like to get a full body x-ray to see if Melo is present anywhere else in my body.  Thanks for operating this site, it has been very helpful and informative!

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