Name of patient:   Farheen Ahmed


Email address:


Adult: 24 years old


Location:   Guwahati, Assam, India.


Area of body affected: Shin of the Right Leg


Diagnosed 10 months back in August, 2018. Symptoms before diagnosis Ė extreme pain and discoloration of the skin (brownish). After consulting 4 orthopedic surgeons who has no clue regarding Melorheostosis, one of them referred me to an Orthopedic Oncologist Specialist in Bangalore, India by the name DR. SRINIVAS CHIRUKURI, who have one more patient with Melo. After visiting him, he said we better not opt for biopsies or surgeries. And that the chances of Melo growing is not very high and affecting other areas of the body is rare as well. I am not quite convinced with this theory.


Iíve been in extreme pain and the only treatment Iíve been directed is Pain killers, heat and ice treatment and Ketoprofen patches.


Kindly write back to me if there is any other way to deal with our pain journey.



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