Name: Laura S. Raymond

Adult:  33 years old 

Location:  Crystal Lake, IL 

Area(s) of body affected: Left ring finger/hand

Personal History: 

I was diagnosed with melorheostosis in my left ring finger/hand in 2010 after many misdiagnoses throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. I have obvious deformity in my finger and have had this deformity for as long as I can remember but the disease has progressed and is causing extreme pain and limited use of my hand now.

My treatment history consists of two rounds of corticosteroid injections which increased the extension of my finger but the effects of the injections lasted for only approximately 6-8 months. I then had a surgery done which is typically performed on people diagnosed with “trigger finger.” The surgery alleviated some of the pain and increased my ability to use my hand/fingers but not completely.

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