Name :         Lisa Ricklefs

E-mail :

Adult:          46 years old

Location:    Appleton, WI

Area(s) affected:   Right Index Finger, Right Thumb, Right forearm, humerus and shoulder

Personal History:

As a child around age 6 noticed a bump on my right index finger and thickening of my right thumb. It seemed to bother me after I learned how to write and I asked my Mom about it. I cannot recall if we asked a doctor about it. About age 36, after my first child was born, I noticed another bump occur on the top part of my right forearm (I used to rest the car seat there when I would carry it). Asked my primary care MD and OB about it, but they did not know and it wasnít hurting so we didnít pursue it.
In Jan 2019, noticed some right forearm swelling and one evening woke from sleep with severe pain and inability to lift arm. X-ray on 2/1/19 showed melorheostosis in the right forearm and could be seen extending to the thumb and index finger.
4/29/19 went to NIH for the Melo study. Left iliac crest biopsy and right forearm biopsy with removal of small portion of bone that was protruding into the muscle.



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