Name :   Marlene E. Hunt

E-mail :

Adult:  59 years old   

Location:  Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny County

Area(s) affected:  Left Foot 3rd metatarsal bone

Personal History:

It was diagnosed a while back in the 70ís.  I dropped a can on my foot, so I went to a foot specialist and he gave me cortisone shots and boy did that hurt. I called him and told him the shots made it worse.  He took x-rays and immediately sent me to a surgeon.  They sent me to another specialist and he did a biopsy and told me it was Melorheostosis and the only cure was to amputate part of my foot or to live with the pain.  He told me that some day I will have to have it done because the pain will be too unbearable and it sure is now.  The bone sticks up pretty far on my foot and the bone feels like it wants to jump out of my foot.  It is very painful.  I was never given any medications, although the doctor said if you want to end it all, just take Tylenol.  (Thatís when they had the poison in the Tylenol.)  I never went back to that doctor ever again, I havenít had it checked out or anything lately.  It has gotten worse and I donít know who to go to regarding this.  I was told that it is like a piece of chalk and can break at any time.
I worry so much that it can spread but I just take my chances.  I am having hip problems and I worry about it being in my hips, but I just pray that it isnít.  I donít feel any lumps on my left hip. This is a horrible disease and I was told it came from a common cold that settled in my foot.


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