Name :     Mika Mäkelä

E-mail :

Adult:     36 years old

Location:  Finland

Area(s) affected:  Left arm and leg

Personal History:

My melorheostosis seems to affect most of my left side, hard to tell which parts exactly but on x-rays at least my left arm and left leg has that "candle wax" appearance. Fingers and toes are/were affected as well. I also have a bit of scoliosis type of thing and left side of neck is quite stiff, hard to lean my head to the right, if you know what I mean.

In the late 80's I went through surgery, amputation of my left foot. From Wikipedia this was the closest thing I found, if it is of any help: partial foot amputation (Chopart, Lisfranc <> , Ray).

It took quite some time for doctors to diagnose me and unless things have changed in ten years or so, I'm still the only one in Finland who has melorheostosis so it would be nice to hear from other people with this thing =).
Can't think of anything else to add except that news letters and info are always welcome :)

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