Name :  Paul Reardon  

E-mail :

Adult:   62 years old  

Location:  Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK

Area(s) affected:  third finger left hand and small finger (see x-rays from May 2013)

Personal History:

As a teenager I can remember being able to clench fingers on both hands but began to notice that my third finger left hand was not closing down as far as the others.

This situation progressed until I could only get my finger half way down and it would quite often lock.  My career as a Hairdresser has never been affected to a great extent as I am right handed and hold the hair between my first and second fingers of my left hand. During the late 60s, early seventies one of my clients was the consultant radiologist at our local Hospital.  While I was cutting his hair, he noticed that my finger was larger than the others (much more so now).  He asked if I would mind attending my local hospital for a series of x-rays on all other parts of my body including my finger. The thickening of the bone was only present in my finger and I can't remember any other diagnosis other than maybe bone displacement; I don't think Melorheostosis was a term that he used.  Later, perhaps in the late 90s, I went to an Orthopedic clinic and saw a consultant who again asked me to have numerous x-rays and came to the same conclusion with the only remedy being amputation which I considered to be unnecessary. Then in May this year (2013) I saw another local consultant who explained to me that it was indeed Melorheostosis, or candle bone disorder, this terminology very apt when we look at the x-rays.

 I have three children, 14, 18, and 31, who show no signs of the same disorder. The four bones in my third finger from the tip to my wrist are now quite large and there is not a lot of movement although I can bend all my fingers from the knuckles to 90 degrees, i.e. horizontal.

I do get some pain at times but nothing to cause undue stress.  If I accidentally bump or knock it, it is very painful but I guess I've learned to keep it out of the way!!

I consider myself very fortunate that it is only in both fingers and that I don't get that much pain.  I have never had to take any medication.  I really feel for others who have to suffer far worse symptoms of Melorheostosis than I.

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