Name :     Petra Crutchfield

E-mail :

Adult:      62 years old

Location:  Mayfield KY

Area(s) affected:  Right tibia

Personal History:

My name is Petra Crutchfield, I live in Mayfield KY. I just found out

(at the tender age of 62) that I have Melorheostosis! I have never

heard of this disease. I am a fairly healthy person, never had a

fracture of leg or arm, however, within the last few years I have had

discomfort in my right ankle after exercise (walking, jogging). Finally

decided to have my ankle x-rayed.

I made an appointment with Dr. Phillip Hunt, who has an excellent

reputation in our area. The X-ray showed a shadow along my right tibia.

I was sent for an x-ray of my lower leg. After the x-ray, I was told of

this condition.

Wow! What to do? Just live my life and hope it doesn't result in future

disability. Thanks for your attention.



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