Name :  Rosemary Louise Clarke

E-mail :

Adult:  65 years old   

Location:  Melbourne Victoria Australia

Areas affected:  left ankle

Personal History:

I had a left ankle x-ray 20th January 2012 which identified melorheostosis. The report says,

Longitudinal ridge of sclerosis within the distal tibia along its anterior medial aspect with candle wax type pattern, typical of melorheostosis.

I was born in Belfast Northern Ireland and am currently living Melbourne Victoria Australia.

I have not had any symptoms apart from a slight feeling of tightness in that area. I have always felt I have a very slight shortening in that limb.

I have had no treatment. I have a referral to see Mr Mark Blackney a Melbourne Australia orthopaedic specialist. The referral is in relation to an old ankle injury where a bone has been chipped. I may have an arthroscopy & he may be interested in doing a biopsy of the melo. If he does a biopsy I would be interested to donate tissue. However I will need to be reassured that biopsy of the thing will not lead to adverse consequences!!!  However my appointment is not until the 3rd of December 2012 such is the backlog of this particular surgeon.

My referring doctor is  Dr Tracey Peters Lifecare Malvern, 91 Wattletree Rd Armadale Victoria 3143. +61395098844  Fax +61395096244

If you need more information I will be happy to provide what I can.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemary Clarke

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