Name :    Ryanne Jans-Verbij

E-mail :

Adult:  34 years old     

Location:   Haarlem, Nederlan

Area(s) affected:  Hands, left and right

Personal History:

First I was diagnosed with rheuma when I was 15.  In 2011 I went to the hospital because of unbearable pain in both hands. The doctor whom I  met, didnít agree with the diagnosis rheuma. So she send me for an x-ray and scan. The doctors then send my scans and x-rays to the commission for bone tumors. They gave the diagnosis melorheostosis (18-01-2012).  I have had several  cortisone injections (5-4-2012 and in 2013), and surgery on both hands (2012 and 2013). I have not getting better results.

Iím not able to use my hands with full strength. My strength  is getting out of my hands. I have pain in both hands 80% of the time and my right hand is getting thicker, more than my left hand. I have trouble with a lot of daily things such as writing, housekeeping and driving a car because I canít use my hands properly.

I have a consult with Dr Geert Mortier in Belgium. I will update my history when I have met with him.


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