Name :   Sailesh Thakrar

E-mail :

Adult:      39 years old

Location:  Originally Uganda, now England

Area(s) affected:  Left leg, affecting hip, knee and ankle

Personal History:

My name is Sailesh Thakrar age 59 born in Uganda. I immigrated to

England in 1972 and was diagnosed with melorheostosis at the age of 20

at Stanmore Orthopedic Hospital by professor Bentley. The condition is

on my left leg effecting my hip, knee and ankle. My left leg is

slightly long by about an inch

In 1992 and 1997 I had some bone removed from my knee to release the

pain which professor suggested that the pain was travelling from my hip

downwards. I am sporty and was playing cricket 3 times a week during

summer period and badminton in the winter session. Initially I was

taking pain killers 4 times a day and than changed my routine to take

them when required and has been working.

The time came when the pain was getting worse external rotation on my

leg was getting limited. In April 2010 I had my left hip replaced at

Stanmore Orthopedic and I understand I was the 1st patient in United

Kingdom to have a hip replaced with my condition. The replacement was

successful although the leg length discrepancies remain.

In 2011 I gave up playing cricket not because of my condition but my age.

I still play badminton 2 hours a week and go to the gym at least 4

times a week just to get the movement in my leg. I get pain in my knee

when I have been sitting for a a long time and now mostly and regularly

during the night.

I am still working, driving and doing gardening on regular basis. I am

very keen not to give up of my routine despite the pain.


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