Name :      Tammie Gibson

E-mail :

Adult:           41 years old

Location:     Talihina, OK, USA

Area(s) affected:  Second metatarsal in right foot

Personal History:

     I used to power walk lots of 5k’s and started having pain in my foot. Then the pain would turn in to extreme numbness and feel almost like I had a quarter sized rock in my shoe. I could not feel the entire left side of my after you’ve been numbed at the dentist. From there, the nerve pain would shoot down into my toes and I could barely finish the event. After a few times of this happening I went to my doctor and x-rays were taken. The results came back as melorheostosis on my second metatarsal of the right foot (side note: a heel spur showed as well). I was prescribed meloxicam which didn’t seem to help me. This was in 2018.
     I saw a podiatrist who said he’d never seen a patient with this disease and he only remembered what it was from his schooling because of the “dripping candle wax” name. He did not know what to do with me. I’m not sure what type of doctor I should seek out for this. My pain has progressively gotten much worse and I’m ready to do something about it. I live in a very rural area, so seeing any type of specialist will involve travel. I have gotten good shoes, but they only help so much. The pain comes without activity now as in the past it was only when I walked quite a distance.
     I’m concerned about how this might affect my day to day activities and quality of life if it continues to worsen.
I know there are others out there much worse off than me and I feel for them! I found a Melo facebook group with members from around the world. I think my next step is to email my images and diagnosis report to “bone doctors” in my general area to see if they would be willing to consult with me. Thank you for your time!


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