Name :     Vicky

Mother:  Paola

E-mail :

Child:      6 years old

Location:  Essex, England

Area(s) affected:  Left foot

Personal History:

Vicky started walking at 19th months. Initially she was occasionally toe-walking on the left. This has slowly become more consistent. She is now unable to put her left foot flat and keeps it constantly in equinus (pointed). She was initially thought to have mild cerebral palsy and a year ago was treated with Botox injection and serial casting which made her left leg  very weak. Finally she was seen by an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed her with Melorheostosis following an x-ray of the left foot. Vicky is very active  and does almost anything other children do. She loves climbing and is very good at it! At present she is wearing normal boots which have been modified with a raise and an insole by an orthotic in order to maintain her back straight when waking. She has not had surgery yet, but we are considering Achilles tendon lengthening at some point.



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