Name :  Warren Taylor

E-mail :

Adult:  30 years old   

Location:  Olympia, WA

Area(s) affected:  Tibia

Personal History:

 I was diagnosed with melorheostosis in 2004 by Dr. Lor Randal at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah.  My history began about the end of my 6th grade year.  I began complaining to my parents about pain in my leg.  I went to the family physician and he did some x-rays and said I had a hairline fracture and I would just have to deal with it.  The bone grew out from the middle of my bone and caused a large mass that was extremely sensitive to the touch.  Well, I dealt with it until I was 25.  The pain was unbearable to walk very long on and if I ever hit the mass.  Dr. Randall performed a biopsy to determine if it was fibrotic, the results were negative.  I have been back to see him twice on follow-up occasions shortly after the surgery and he told me that he could not see any further enlargement of the mass and if I continued to feel pain to let him know.  On my return visit, I showed another mass that I do not recall being so pronounced just above the previous mass on the same right tibia.  He told me that it would be difficult to operate on due to the proximity of the patella tendon and where it attaches, it attaches very close to the mass.  I have seen different cancer physicians to confirm the mass is benign, but continue to have pain throughout the leg and in the knee area.  I have moved from the Utah area and just deal with the pain without the use of medication, something I have been doing for awhile and I suppose there is little I can do from here. 

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